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Have complete stealth and discretion when smoking in public with the top-notch portable vaporizers at Tobacco and Vape.

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Cigars and Cigarettes

There is nothing like smoking the real thing. Our authentic rolling tobacco for cigars and cigarettes is sure to satisfy nicotine craving.

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Choose our top-class wooden pipes. We also sell hookah pipes if you prefer the scent combination of tobacco, sweetener, and fruit.

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Learn about Tobacco and Vape

Tobacco and Vape in Astoria, New York, is a vape shop with more than 30 years of experience in selling all-official tobacco products. Our merchandise includes cigars, cigarettes, hookahs, pipes, vaporizers, and tobaccos, as well as magazines and candies. We show appreciation for our customers by offering better service than our competitors.

Contact us in Astoria, New York, for further information on the budget-friendly tobacco products in our vape shop.

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Tobacco and vape vaporizers

Affordable Iolite Portable Vaporizers

Do away with ashtrays by trying the battery-operated Iolite™ portable vaporizers at Tobacco and Vape in Astoria, New York. Our merchandise is the perfect solution for people who want to prevent the smell of stale smoke that usually accumulates in furniture, clothing, curtains, and hair.


Check out vaporizers that are a bit gentler to your lungs. We offer brands such as:

  • Magic Flight Launch Box™ (Manufactured in the USA with a Five-Year Warranty)
  • Atmos Raw™ (Designed in the USA)
  • PAX™ (Designed and Manufactured by Ploom™, Priced at $249.95)
  • Vapir NO2™ with Digital Display
  • G Pen™ and microG™ (Butane-Operated Iolite Original, Made in Ireland with a 10-Year Warranty)
  • WISPR™ by Iolite (Made in Ireland with a 10-Year Manufacturer Warranty)
  • Pocket Vape ($39.95)
  • Digital Plug-Ins ($99.95 and Up)
  • Analog Plug-Ins (Including Volcano Classic™, Volcano Digit™, and Parts, Priced at $49.95 and Up)

Tobacco and vape rolling tobacco

Classic Rolling Tobacco, Cigarettes, and Lighters

Sit back and relax with a drag of standard rolling tobacco and cigarettes at Tobacco and Vape in Astoria, New York. We also have rolling papers and lighters so you can buy everything that you want in one stop.

Tobacco, Cigarettes, and Lighters

Unwind after a long day by smoking tobacco and cigarettes from our store. We offer brands such as:


  • Drum Tobacco™
  • Sampson Tab™
  • Bali Shag™
  • American Spirit™
  • Midnight Special™
  • Rave RYO Tobacco™
  • Bugler™
  • Top Tobacco™


  • Zippo™
  • Lamborghini™
  • Bipe™
  • Bic™
  • Tigo™


  • Nat Sherman™
  • American Spirits™
  • Dunhill™
  • Davidoff Landmark™
  • Marlboro™
  • Camel™
  • Shepheard's Hotel Cigarettes™
  • Kool™
  • Kamel Red™
  • Pall Mall™ Virginia SlIms™
  • Parliament™
  • Carlton™
  • New Port™ (All Menthol)
  • Ecstacy™(Herbal Cigarettes)
  • Export 'A' Mild Seven™
  • Benson and Hedges™
  • Kent™
  • Capri™
  • Salem™
  • Winston™
  • Merit™
  • English Ovals™
  • Djarum™ Filtered Clove Cigars

Products that we offer come with rolling paper so you can hand roll it any way that you want. Varieties include:

Rolling Papers:

  • Smoking™ and OCB™
  • Juicy™ and ZigZag™
  • Elements™ and E-Z Wider™
  • Randy's™
  • Job™
  • Trib™
  • Rizla+™
  • Raw™
  • Bambu™
  • Club™
  • Bob Marley™

Tobacco and vape pipes

Well-Made Wooden Pipes and Hookah Pipes

Learn the art of smoking like a gentleman with the expertly crafted wooden pipes at Tobacco and Vape in Astoria, New York. We also offer a selection of hookah pipes.

Hookah Pipes

With sizes ranging from 6 inches to 32 inches at prices that range from $19.95 up to $149.95, we offer hookah accessories and parts that will cater to your appreciation for fine things. These include:

  • Tobacco
  • Coals
  • Bowls
  • Stems
  • Hoses

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